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Monitor real-time sales, costs and profits Capture one-time and recurring expenses Analyze unit-level profitability Understand long-term profit and loss trends Unlimited seller accounts Extremely fast, accurate and secure Get Started 14-day trial. No card required. Works with all US/EU marketplaces.
Denis Dovgal Amazon entrepreneur, CEO of Freedom Business Summit. "I’m not very analytical, but this app really makes it easy to keep track of my numbers. The design is also very clean and well thought out. Definitely worth the price for me." Leon 6 figure Private Label Amazon seller Sellerscale has been my favorite tool to use when I need a quick snapshot on how my business is doing. It’s so easy to use and has all the info I need like my profits or Total ACoS. The UI is super smooth and easily the cleanest software in the Amazon space right now. Highly recommend! Extremely secure Keeping your data private and secure is our #1 priority. We store all data in AWS - an industry-leading, secure cloud infrastructure. Our team follows stringent security protocols throughout the software development lifecycle, and will never share your data with third parties, or use it inappropriately. User-centric Work with a user interface you’ll fall in love with. As a business owner, you can’t afford to waste mental cycles working with clunky software. At Sellerscale, we use bleeding-edge software design principles and obsess over every pixel to make the app beautiful, fast, and user-friendly. Mobile-friendly Monitor the health of your business on the go. Our app is 100% mobile-friendly and built using responsive design principles. Simply access  from your tablet or mobile, create a home screen shortcut, and access all of the same functionality you get with our web app. Dashboard Monitor business performance Instantly check your historical sales, PPC spend, ACoS and other key metrics - for any product and with incredibly high accuracy. See a detailed breakdown of all Amazon fees, indirect expenses and other business costs. Drill down into any metric to get a granular view of its components, and know exactly how each number is calculated. blog-posts Expenses Capture one-time and recurring expenses Create detailed expense records - categorize them by type, link them to specific products, attach receipts and invoices for later reference. See how your expenses affect historical profitability. Every new expense is instantly captured in the dashboard data. Sort, filter, and group expense data for in‑depth analysis. Look up any recorded expense using our instant search functionality. Products screenshot Easily create product lines and bulk-upload COGS Quickly find and change unit costs for any product. Create product groups using our tagging functionality, then filter any data using those tags Bulk-upload cost of goods sold data in just a few steps. Expenses Save compelling products into a tracker with our free extension Run our extension on any product page, and instantly see its FBA fee and other metrics Save products into your Sellerscale product tracker with one click Analyze unit‑level profitability Pull your exact “unit economics” from Amazon in one click, and use this data to make superior investment decisions. Adjust any input assumption and instantly see how it affects target financial metrics. Forecast product-level economics and business-level profitability to get valuable insights. Research the unit economics of potential new products you’re thinking of launching. Unit Economics Examine profit & loss dynamics Understand the long-term health of your business using our gorgeous, high-precision P&L report. Instantly switch your P&L report to percentage format in order to evaluate relative cost dynamics over time. Examine your key performance indicator (KPI) trends right from the P&L report. P&L screenshot Dig into product metrics
and export data in one click
Analyze multiple products side-by-side, across a number of key me. Download product metrics into XLSX with a single click. Configure the data table to show only the metrics you need.
Performance metrics screenshot
Monitor inventory and avoid stockouts Track current inventory levels - including inventory that is fulfillable, in-transit, or inbound Manually enter additional inventory reserves if using 3rd party warehouse solutions Automatically track sales velocity, lead times, and days of inventory Specify a safety buffer percentage in order to minimize stockout probabilities Inventory Screenshot Latest blog posts JOIN SELLERSCALE NOW
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